Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mihai Pătrașcu Memorial

It is a great loss that Mihai Pătrașcu, aged 29, passed away on Tuesday June 5, 2012, after a 1.5 year battle with brain cancer. 

This is a memorial blog dedicated to Mihai, where you are welcome to write your memories or words of support to those left behind by him, including wife, parents, sister, and numerous friends. Please use the comments section in this post, or send a longer post to to be posted here.

Most importantly, you are encouraged to cheer Mihai with a glass of wine (or other spirits) and send a picture, which will be posted on the Cheers to Mihai! page. Please email them to with subject CHEERS. One picture says more than a thousand words.

A number of people have said great words about Mihai, some linked from the Coverage page.


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    1. Tragic news, a great loss to the CS theory community. May God bless him. R.I.P.

      Rafee Kamouna.

  2. I feel very sad to hear this news. I had no idea about Mihai's illness and it is very cruel that he is gone at such an early age. I had met Mihai at various conferences and he visited Buffalo once. He was always very nice to talk to (and as some folks have already mentioned in various comments) and seemed much different then his blog persona. However, I liked his blog persona too: it was clear that he had strong opinions and was not shy about expressing them. While I did not always agree with his thoughts, I always admired his courage to speak his mind (while thinking at the same time-- did he really say that out aloud? :-)] His talks were always entertaining and I would always go to his talks to hear about the latest developments in data structures.

    Now I wish I had gone to STOC so that I could have said hello to him one last time.



  3. I worked with Mihai for a few months in a theory class while we were both students at MIT. I was amazed by his inherent happiness and energy, not just for the theoretical work in which we were engaged, but for life in general. I feel very lucky to have known him, and had the chance to work with him. I will miss him, deeply.

  4. Here are some pictures of him/his:

  5. I've met Mihai just a couple of times at the international olympiads in informatics, but even in these short encounters he made a great impression on me, a very positive, intelligent and friendly man, like many others I had no ideea about his illness, it's a shame that we lost a great researcher, scientist and simply a very good person... R.I.P. Mihai..

  6. Thank you Florin for those pictures.
    I am an undergraduate student in India and am one of the awardees of the Turing Centenary Celebration Student Award at San Francisco, a few days back.I am an active follower of the research carried by Mihai. He was such an enjoying person, always happy though I never met him in person before. I will really miss him very much and always remember him as my friend. May you rest in peace, Mihai.
    A glass of Screaming Eagle Cabernet to his name. Cheers to Mihai.

  7. It really is sad to loss someone like Mihai Pătrașcu, a happy man.Someone should make him a memorial page on free memorial pages so that many people will still be able to see him and remember what he did and what he was when he was still here.

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